Personal Hygiene

Our COVID-19 protocol:



We are now doing curbside service!! What does that mean exactly? When you schedule an appointment, you will remain in your vehicle for the duration of the appointment, and we do all payment over the phone. We send out one of our technicians to retrieve your animal, and continue to do the exam/service in the office with the Vet. 

We are asking for you to STAY IN THE PARKING LOT for the duration of the appointment as this is not a drop off service!!!!! There is a $15 fee if you are not in the parking lot when we are done with the service. 

We are still able to do vaccines, sick exams, and regular procedures. Stay updated by calling our office or visiting our facebook page for more current updates. 

We are doing everything we can to stay as sanitary as possible and avoiding exposure as much as we can. We continue to clean the rooms/floors and tables in between each vet visit while also wearing masks and washing our hands in between appointments. Help us by abiding by our new protocols during this hard time!! 


We are also doing curbside service for this as well! Call us, place your order while paying over the phone and we will bring it out to you and hand the product to you through your car window or trunk!